Coastguard Asks All Vessels Off Aberdeen To Count POB - Sea Search Ongoing

A sea search is ongoing off the coast of Aberdeen after the Coastguard received a man overboard distress from a Personal Locator Beacon at around 4:10pm today.

The RNLI Lifeboat is patrolling the waters to the North and south of Aberdeen in an effort to locate anybody who may have fallen overboard.

An MCA spokeswoman said: “It was set off by a device they might have on a life jacket but we received no voice calls, no radio transmissions and so no location details are there.

“It’s probably a maximum of a few miles off Aberdeen

“It could potentially be a faulty piece of equipment or something’s been set off by mistake or someone’s gone over board.

“We don’t know.”

A Marine Personal Locator Beacon is a device that automatically activates on contact with water and immediately transmits a distress signal on the 121.5 MHz frequency - it can also be manually activated.

The lack of certainty has resulted in the coastguard taking the rare step to broadcast to all ships in the area and request that they perform a headcount to ensure all POB are present.

The coastguard have also been dealing with an offshore med-evac from a Wood Group Operated Platform as a worker took ill and required to be transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

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